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Past Webinars

Business Insurance, Professional Liability, Risk Management

In case you missed past AICPA webinars that are of interest to you, we’ve posted links to some of them below.  (Note that no CPE credits can be earned by viewing these past webinars.) 

The Year of Uncertainty:  Tax Reform, Wayfair and How to Mitigate Professional Liability Risk

2018 started off with a bang for CPAs providing tax services. Tax Reform has resulted in numerous and continuing questions from clients. However, the slow pace of guidance from the IRS adds stress and uncertainty to every answer. If Tax Reform wasn't enough, in June, the U.S. Supreme Court decided the Wayfair case and determined economic nexus to be the new standard, thus impacting the obligations of certain business clients to collect and remit state sales and use taxes. Unfortunately key questions regarding economic nexus remain open. 


Practitioners need to be particularly mindful of how these changes in the law may affect their clients—or pay the price with a professional liability lawsuit.

View the webinar​

Are You Ready? Risk Management Thoughts for the 2018 Tax Season (webinar replay)

Listen to the replay of our annual pre-tax season risk management webinar. During the webinar, an attorney experienced in defending CPAs against professional liability claims and a tax practitioner discussed several challenges facing CPAs during the upcoming busy season. They shared tips on how to reduce the risk of experiencing professional liability claims associated with:

  • New partnership audit rules
  • Upcoming changes to the revenue recognition financial reporting standards
  • Powers of attorney
  • Conflicts of interest
  • And more!

The webinar addressed managing client expectations, navigating professional liability risk aspects of the associated topics and communicating these complex issues to clients. This webinar does not provide technical guidance.


Be Aware or Beware


Unfortunately, there is no magical crystal ball to help CPA firms predict whether a new client or engagement relationship will be a success or failure. Will everything go smoothly? Will a dispute arise? If a dispute does arise, can a firm foresee whether it will be resolved quickly or drag out for years, resulting in a significant claim and headache for the firm?



Do you need to up your engagement letter game? In this CNA-sponsored webinar panelists will discuss risk allocation engagement letter provisions, including limitation of liability, indemnification, alternative dispute resolution, choice of venue and statute of limitations. Participants will hear from an experienced defense attorney about the role these provisions have played in defending professional liability claims. Additionally, a CPA firm general counsel will share tips on how to practically implement these provisions at a CPA firm, including how to deal with client resistance.


Does One Plus One Equal One (Firm)


A firm wishing to expand into a new geographic market or delve into a niche area of practice may seek to acquire another firm to help it get a head start. A CPA firm owner may find himself or herself ready to retire and in need of a suitor to take over the client portfolio. Regardless of the reason, CPA firm merger and acquisition activity is on the rise.  In this recorded webinar, panelists discuss the professional liability risks associated with CPA firm mergers and acquisitions and share tips on what firms can do both before and after a transaction to help mitigate the professional liability risk that can arise from combining with another firm.



Did you know that 70 percent of 2014 claims brought against CPA firms in the AICPA Professional Liability Insurance Program related to Tax and Compliance Services? Is your tax practice ready to confront the 2016 tax season? In this CNA-sponsored webinar, obtain tips on how to reduce the risk of experiencing professional liability claims associated with late passage of tax extender legislation and filing requirements applicable to foreign income, assets and bank accounts. View the Quality Control and the 2016 Tax Season: Professional Liability Concerns.


Bridging the Expectation Gap: Fraud Detection, Prevention and Defense for CPA Firms – Tips to Minimize Professional Liability Risk


In this CNA-sponsored webinar, panelists will discuss the expectation gap between a CPA's professional responsibilities and client expectations related to fraud detection, strategies to help prevent claims related to failure to detect theft or fraud, the elements of a strong defense, common indicators of fraud, and the appropriate response to discovery of fraud. View the Bridging the Expectation Gap Webinar.


In this CNA-sponsored webinar, a panel of specialists in information technology risk and data security law discusses cyber liability risk and its application to CPA firms. Participants will learn how data breaches occur and what their responsibilities are in the event of a breach. Tips on processes and controls that can be put into practice to respond to cyber liability risks will be provided.  View the Cyber Liability Webinar.


Conflicts of Interest Webinar:  Stuck in the Middle – Avoiding Conflicts of Interest


In this CNA-sponsored webinar, a panel of attorneys and CPAs with extensive experience in professional liability defense and public accounting discusses conflicts of interest and this subject’s relevance to CPA firms.  Participants will learn how conflicts of interest present practice challenges and may compromise the defense of professional liability claims.  Tips to assist in identifying, addressing and preventing potential conflicts of interest will be provided.  View the Conflicts of Interest Webinar.



Tax Season Webinar: Tax Extenders, Repair Regulations and More! – Tips to Minimize Professional Liability Risk during the 2015 Tax Season


In this CNA-sponsored webinar, panelists discuss the challenges facing CPAs in the upcoming 2015 tax season. Participants will obtain tips on how to reduce the risk of experiencing professional liability claims associated with late passage of tax extender legislation, implementation of the tangible personal property regulations and filing requirements applicable to foreign income, assets and bank accounts.   View the Tax Season Webinar.