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We get it—not everyone has time for answering questions. That’s why we created CPA Life Express. AICPA and State Society members ages 18–39 can apply online for life insurance in just a few minutes–AICPA members up to $1,000,000 and State Society only members up to $500,000. And there are no complicated forms, medical questions, or exams.* It’s all the great benefits of CPA Life… with an application process that's super simple.

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  • A few minutes to apply
  • AICPA members: up to $1M in coverage
  • State Society only members: up to $500K in coverage
  • Ages 18–39 can apply
  • No medical questions

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  • 20 minutes to apply
  • Up to $2.5M in coverage
  • Ages 18–74 can apply
  • A few medical questions

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Benefits that make it a no-brainer.

Up to $1M in coverage and no medical questions for AICPA members ages 39 or younger, with CPA Life Express**
Get $50,000 in coverage for less than $1.80 per month for members ages 30-34. Cash Refunds can lower this cost even further!***
Coverage you can keep and modify to age 80 — even if you change jobs or retire — as long as you’re a member
Up to $2.5 million in coverage, depending on your age and memberships, just by answering a few more questions with CPA Life
Income tax-free benefits (under IRC Section 101(a)), because you pay your premiums with after-tax dollars
Coverage that’s endorsed by the AICPA and issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America


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