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Risk Management Assistance - CNA Alert Hotline

Professional Liability, Practice Management, Other


Risk Control/Claims Hotline
(800) CNA-8060

Your direct line to risk control and prevention.


Experienced risk control specialists and claim professionals are only a phone call away with the CNA Risk Control/Claims Hotline. AICPA Professional Liability Insurance Program policyholders are entitled to hotline access — at no additional charge — all year round.

Risk control, Option 2
Receive professional guidance from experienced risk control specialists with backgrounds in accountants professional liability and public accounting. The focus on the accounting profession makes this a valuable resource in the prevention of malpractice claims. Risk Control may also be reached at Please include your name, contact phone number, firm name, and policy number in your email.

Subpoenas, Option 3
CNA's subpoena assistance will guide you and retain an attorney to provide advice in the event you are served with a subpoena for documents or testimony during the policy period arising out of an act or omission in the rendering of professional services, provided the subpoena arises out of a lawsuit to which you are not a party and you have not been engaged to provide testimony in connection with the lawsuit.

Claims management, Option 4
Discuss your claim, request information, or seek advice about reporting a claim or potential claim from experienced claim professionals.

Legal referrals, Option 4
Speak with a claims specialist who can refer you to qualified attorneys when necessary to discuss professional liability matters.

The CNA Risk Control/Claims Hotline aims to achieve one of the primary goals of the AICPA Professional Liability Insurance Program — to help prevent accountants malpractice claims before they arise.


Get the advice you need to practice accounting safely and effectively.
Call (800) CNA-8060 today.


Advice provided via the CNA Risk Control/Claims Hotline should not be viewed as a substitute for the guidance and recommendations of a retained professional. Potential claims or claims must be reported in writing to CNA. Discussion of a claim or potential claim with risk control specialists or claim professionals should not be construed as or substituted for a “written notice” as required by the policy.