Requests for new coverage under the GVUL Insurance Plan from members not currently enrolled are not being accepted at this time.
A new plan will be offered in the future. Note: Current plan participants can call 800.223.7473 to modify coverage and options under the existing Plan.


You’re working toward the life and career you imagined. You plan hard. You work hard. Sure, the unexpected happens, but to other people. Realistically speaking, though, unexpected things happen to everyone. But you can increase the odds of helping you and your loved ones weather the storm financially with life and disability insurance exclusively for AICPA members.

Products & Rates

AICPA-endorsed coverage designed for CPAs. The Plans offer competitive rates that may be better than what you can get off the street or through your employer. Coverage is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential) and is yours, no matter where you work as long as you maintain your membership.

The CPA Life Insurance Plan

Help loved ones remember you...not the bills you left behind.

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Member / Spouse Level Premium Term Life Insurance

Life insurance rates that won't change for 10 or 20 years.

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Group Variable Universal Life Insurance

Life coverage to age a fixed account that guarantees to grow your money.*

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Long Term Disability Income Plan

Insurance coverage that helps pay your bills...when you can’t.

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Spouse Life Insurance Plan

Spouse coverage at the same low rates as CPA Life.

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Get the basics with AICPA Life Insurance 101

In less than five minutes, you’ll understand how AICPA Member Life Insurance Plans were designed to help CPAs protect all they work so hard for.

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Watch a short AICPA LTD Income Plan video

Learn how you can help protect your income when you’re sick or injured.

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Life Needs Estimator

It is easy to figure out how much life insurance you may need with our Life Insurance Needs Calculator.

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Disability Needs Estimator

Start here if you need help estimating how much disability insurance coverage you should have.

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Discover more helpful tools, including a Financial
Wellness assessment and product comparison charts.




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“The AICPA Insurance Trust is a very comprehensive, competitive, & affordable insurance program. I took advantage of the opportunity to purchase CPA & Spouse Life Insurance, & for many years I have had comfort that my family has appropriate insurance coverage. The annual cash insurance premium refunds have also been an added bonus.”

Kathryn Fletcher, CPA Quality Control Manager, Atlanta, GA


Insurance is confusing. AICPA makes it simple.

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