How to stay healthy during times of uncertainty

Protecting ourselves and loved ones from COVID-19 through social distancing has been top of mind for many of us this year. But equally important is maintaining a healthy lifestyle while we’re at home. 
How to stay healthy during times of uncertainty

Stay active

If like many others, you are home round-the-clock these days, working or caring for others, getting your daily dose of exercise can be challenging. Regular physical activity can reduce high blood pressure, help manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers —conditions that can increase susceptibility to COVID-19.  Here are some ideas to stay active ideally for 30 minutes a day:
  • Join online exercise classes
  • Dance to music
  • Walk up and down the stairs
  • Take a walk outside
  • Download a health and wellness app like EVŌ that gives you a realistic, goal-driven plan customized for you including health content from Mayo Clinic and motivating EVŌ competitions and prizes – all free for you. Learn More about EVŌ and check out “COVID-19 and Your Mental Health
Eat healthy
Making good food choices helps our body to prevent, fight and recover from infections by supporting our immune systems. Good nutrition can also reduce the likelihood of developing other health problems.  Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy diet:
  • Eat a mix of wholegrains, with some foods from animal sources (e.g., meat, fish, eggs and milk).
  • For snacks, choose raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and unsalted nuts.
  • Limit salt intake to a teaspoon a day.
  • Eat moderate amounts of fats and oils, replacing butter with healthier fats like olive, soy, sunflower or corn oil when cooking.
Staying mentally strong
Between working from home, homeschooling and lack of socializing with friends and family, the impact of COVID-19 can take a serious toll on your psychological well-being. However, there are steps you can take to stay mentally strong during all of this change.
  • Stay informed, listening to advice and recommendations from your national and local authorities, and following trusted news channels.
  • Keep up with daily routines as far as possible or make new ones.
  • Try to reduce how much you watch, read or listen to news that makes you feel anxious or distressed.
  • Stay connected to people close to you by phone and online channels.
Part of staying emotionally fit and mentally strong is planning for the unexpected and helping to protect the ones you love. Life Insurance can give you added peace of mind, even during a pandemic. Learn more.

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