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Risk Alert Toolkit: Workplace Safety

As more and more states reopen, many CPA firms need to consider how best to reopen their offices and return their employees to a healthy and safe workplace.  This isn’t as easy as just throwing open your doors and inviting all your employees to return to the office all at once. It takes a measured approach and consideration of significant risk issues that can impact your firm.

The COVID-19 Response Tool Kit has been designed and prepared as a resource for Aon clients and industry peers as an informational and guidance tool on risk exposures and human capital concerns emanating from an infectious disease event or outbreak. Given the COVID-19 pandemic event which is currently unfolding, we invite risk, financial and business continuity professionals to leverage the content of the COVID-19 Response Tool Kit to inform response plans and to augment existing continuity strategies.

Please note, the content and statements included in this Tool Kit are situational to the current level and impact of the outbreak in a particular region. Aon is not responsible for the accuracy of the information nor an organization’s use of or reliance on Aon’s statements. Please find additional resources related to COVID-19 planning and response on Aon’s Coronavirus Response website.

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