Are you ready? Risk management thoughts for this tax season's obstacle course

Watch a replay of our annual pre-tax season risk management webinar.

(In case you missed past AICPA webinars that are of interest to you, we’ve posted this link. Note that no CPE credits can be earned by viewing these past webinars.)

Navigating the filing season obstacle course is always a challenging test of stamina. Implication of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ("Tax Reform"), Wayfair, and tax extenders promise to create additional obstacles this year.

While the IRS and others may think slowing down guidance will help you conquer the obstacles, the slow pace of guidance promises to add hurdles, stress and uncertainty.

Most CPAs will finish the obstacle course without significant injury, others may fall and a professional liability claim may result. This webinar will provide will provide risk management guidance for CPAs to help reduce the likelihood of a successful claim.

View the webinar  

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