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Assess Your Personal Liability Risk

The majority of claims under umbrella policies are auto-related. Since virtually all of us drive, the need for Personal Liability Umbrella Coverage is obvious.

However, there may be many other risks and situations that apply to you. Review the Personal Liability Umbrella Coverage Risk Checklist below to see if you face any of these risk exposures:

  • Own a home or a condo?
  • Have a teenage or young adult driver in your house?
  • Have a babysitter or cleaning people working in your home?
  • Frequently drive with other adults or children in your car?
  • Own a pet?
  • Use or own a boat?
  • Own a swimming pool?
  • Own rental housing property?
  • Have assets and future earning potential?

You and your spouse could be subject to a personal injury suit from anyone at anytime.

If you have one of these risk exposures, personal liability coverage that protects you and your family makes good sense. If you face more than one of these exposures, like most people, this coverage is absolutely essential.

If you're concerned about the risk exposures above, find out how the AICPA-endorsed Personal Liability Umbrella (PLUS) Plan can provide economical personal liability protection for up to $5 million - including legal assistance in the event of a covered claim or suit - for all of your homes, automobiles and household members.