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​Best-in-class personal and business insurance solutions customized for CPAs, their families and firms.



The AICPA has a longstanding commitment to providing the accounting profession with a range of exclusive services for CPAs. The AICPA Member Insurance Programs is vital part of this commitment. Since the introduction to members of the first group insurance plan in 1947, the AICPA Member Insurance Programs has evolved to meet today’s expanding insurance needs of members, their employees and their families.

With more than 480,000 policies and certificates in force today, the AICPA Member Insurance Programs offers one-stop shopping for members' professional and personal insurance needs.  Personal insurance includes life, auto and homeowner plans. Business insurance plans include group life insurance for firms and professional liability coverage.

Each plan is continually monitored by the AICPA and its member committees to help make certain that as member needs change, the AICPA Member Insurance Programs continues to deliver coverage and services that exceed member expectations.

Benefit of AICPA Membership

The AICPA has been serving the CPA profession for more than 120 years, and remains strongly committed to helping its 340,000 members enhance their careers and improve their professional services.

No matter where your career takes you, the AICPA is there to provide the training, professional skills, programs, services and publications you need to help keep you at the top of your professional life. AICPA membership provides you with a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased prestige and recognition for your hard work and achievements as a CPA
  • Exclusive access to professional resources, specialized information and quality training
  • Significant members-only discounts on products and services (including insurance offered through Aon)
  • Advocacy – you have an advocate working on behalf of the whole CPA profession before the public, regulatory bodies and other groups on legislative matters to help promote solid policymaking

When you join the AICPA, you’re taking an important step to enhancing your professional career and improving the services you provide. Membership in the AICPA is an invaluable career investment.

Join the AICPA today!

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