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Is Someone Posing As You This Halloween?

Is Someone Posing as You This Halloween?

Business Insurance, Professional Liability

​Halloween is the one night of the year when we put on a costume and have fun pretending to be someone we’re not. But identity thieves do the same thing every day, when they pretend to be someone else so they can steal that person’s assets. Using just three personal identifiers (such as SSN or date of birth) they may be able to convince your bank or health insurer that they are you. They can then take over your accounts, have your statements sent to their own address, and set about draining your accounts. 

It’s not always about money; identity thieves have been known to make fake driver’s licenses (with someone else’s address and date of birth, but their own picture) that they can show to police if they’re arrested. Victims might not find out about it until they are pulled over for a minor traffic violation, only to find themselves in handcuffs. 

Identity theft is a booming business, with nearly 60 million Americans affected.1  Corporations like Target, Uber, eBay, Home Depot, LinkedIn and Equifax continue to be breached by hackers, and 30% of those whose information was exposed in a breach will eventually experience identity theft. Just in the year 2017, nearly eight billion records were exposed via a data breach.2  Even scarier, the number of records exposed is expected to total 146 billion in the next five years—nearly four times the current rate.

Most of us don’t want to give up the conveniences of the digital world, so must find a way to make peace with the risks we assume when we use browse Facebook, shop on Amazon or use online banking. For many people with significant assets to protect, the best answer is an identity theft protection service such as Identity Guard®

Identity Guard is part of a company that has been protecting identities for 22 years, and has resolved 150K cases of identity theft. They have the fastest alerts in the industry4, so if suspicious activity is detected, you will most likely be alerted in three seconds or less. Your membership includes $1 million in insurance5  to cover losses from identity theft, such as stolen funds, plus Identity Guard provides white-glove customer care to help you resolve issues that arise from your identity being stolen. 

AICPA is now partnering with Identity Guard​, so you can protect your entire household for up to 57% off.  Get credit monitoring and alerts that will inform you of certain activity that may indicate fraud on your accounts. At AICPA member rates, you can protect everyone in your household at the premier level for just $20.

This Halloween, get scared by ghosts and goblins, not unauthorized withdrawals from your bank accounts.  

Learn more about the benefits of identity theft protection with Identity Guard at


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5 Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group‚ Inc. 

6 Maximum savings based upon Identity Guard Premier Family package. Savings range from 40 - 57%.