With the LPT Plans, the amount you pay stays the same for the period you choose–even as you age or if your health status changes. The premium contributions are based on your age when you apply for coverage.  Rates may be change on a class-wide basis only.

  • If you are under age 45 and approved for coverage, you will qualify for Preferred rates.

  • Members who request coverage at age 45 or older may qualify for Preferred, Select or Standard rates. Preferred offers the lowest rates to members in excellent health (based on the results of a brief medical exam).  And, while we expect that many CPAs will be approved for Preferred, you may be offered Select or Standard rates based on your health status.

The same rate classes are available for the Spouse LPT Plan.

So, how much does LPT coverage cost?

The CPA Level Premium Term Rate Calculator will provide a personalized quote for you, and Spouse Level Premium Term Rate Calculator​ will provide a personalized quote for your spouse based on the coverage that you want. Keep in mind that the rate per $1,000 decreases when you buy higher amounts of coverage.

Cash Refunds can lower the cost of your insurance.
The AICPA Plans offer yearly Cash Refunds, which help make AICPA life insurance solutions some of the most competitively priced in the industry. Although refunds can't be guaranteed, participants in all AICPA Insurance Trust Life Plans have received Cash Refunds from the Trust every year without fail since each Plan's inception. Cash refunds will vary year to year.​  Click here to see the Cash Refunds from the prior year.

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