If something were to happen to you or your spouse, would your family be financially secure? Would the mortgage be paid? Would your kids be able to pay for college? Life insurance can provide a solid financial foundation for your family if you or your spouse dies. With the right coverage, your family will be able to help pay your final expenses, settle debts, pay off your mortgage, ensure that your children have money for a college education, and more.

A Level Premium Term (LPT) Life Insurance Plan can provide that insurance protection–at a cost that comfortably fits your budget. With an LPT Plan, the amount you pay stays the same for the duration, or term you choose. This means that your rates will not change as you get older or if your health status changes during the level period you select–the rates are simply based on your age when you first apply for coverage. Rates may change on a class-wide basis only.

AICPA LPT Plans are offered exclusively to AICPA members and are issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential). These Plans can serve as your primary life insurance or supplement existing life coverage or benefits you may have through your employer.

Our members often cite the insurance products as one of the key membership benefits with the AICPA. Here are some highlights of the AICPA LPT and Spouse LPT Plans:

  • Multiple coverage amounts up to $2.5 million (the highest amount available to those that are AICPA members but don't belong to a State Society of CPAs)

  • 10- or 20-year level periods.  (Age 56-65 are only eligible for 10 year term.)

  • Benefits that are generally free from Federal Income Tax

MovieWant to see how LPT Life Plan differs from other life insurance plans offered through the AICPA? Take a look at our Product Comparison Chart.

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