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Employee & Cybercriminal Theft: Should CPAs be Concerned?

The advent of online portals has made it possible for CPA firms to take on a variety of accounting functions that had previously been within the purview of their clients. More and more firms are being provided with access to or trusted with client funds, assets and proprietary information in order to pay bills or perform other financial functions on their client’s behalf. With the potential for unfettered access to client money and other valuable assets/information, even the most well run organization can be susceptible to employee theft.

Unfortunately, the current economic downturn with its resulting salary cuts, furloughs and other financial burdens further exacerbates that risk, providing employees with the opportunity, incentive and rationalization to commit fraud.

In this webinar, you will learn some key factors impacting employee theft exposures to help you mitigate those risks and take the appropriate steps to insulate your firm from such a devastating exposure — one that can do serious harm to your firm’s well-earned brand, reputation and good will, specifically:
  • The relevant employee crime risks that are common for CPA firms
  • Why this risk is especially relevant today
  • Typical employee theft claim scenarios
  • How to mitigate that risk