The importance of life insurance for every woman.

Whether you are the primary breadwinner for your household or a shared breadwinner, your days are busy building a future for yourself and for the ones you love. If something were to happen to you, life insurance can help provide them with the financial protection they may need to carry on.

70%25 of U.S. households rely on women’s salary for financial stability.

Single moms

As a single mom, you're the one person who's always there for your child no matter what. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have a reliable plan in place to help protect your family.

Life insurance (including making sure to assign beneficiaries as well as designate a guardian for your children) is a financial protection must-have for single parents. A life insurance policy can help provide peace of mind if something were to happen, and your children would have some financial security.

Stay-at-home moms

If there’s a stay-at-home mom in your household without an income, life insurance is still vital to your family’s future. While these women may not earn large paychecks (or any paycheck at all), the value of their unpaid labor is immense. In fact, according to, the median annual salary for stay-at-home moms in 2019 was estimated to be $178,201. If the worst happened, all that she does every day would need to be replaced.

Shared Breadwinner

You are the ‘rock’ for your family. Between professional and personal life, you somehow manage to juggle it all. If something were to happen to you, life insurance coverage can help replace your income and help your family keep up with everyday bills like the mortgage or rent and long-term goals such as college tuition. A helpful life insurance needs estimator can help you and your husband decide how much coverage each of you may need.

Family caregivers

If you’re caring for your own family as well as older parents or relatives, you’re not alone. Nearly half (47%) of adults ages 40 to 59 care for an elderly parent while supporting a child.1 Called the sandwich generation, they help cover healthcare costs, adult daycare, or transportation for extended family members in addition to their own. Life insurance can help cover costs of all that you do if something tragic were to happen.

Life insurance is important for almost every woman for different reasons. But why should you apply for coverage through the AICPA?
  • Keep your coverage even if you change jobs or retire, as long as you maintain your membership(s)
  • Adjust your coverage amount whenever you need to.
  • Group-negotiated rates help make coverage affordable. In fact, rates for women are generally lower than for men.
  • Death benefits are generally free from income tax so the coverage amount you purchase is the amount your beneficiary receives
Coverage is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a trusted, A+ Superior-rated Insurance provider.2

*LIMRA and Life Happens, Insurance Barometer Study, 2021 1 Fast Company, “I’m a breadwinner mom and this is why helping women in the sandwich generation is good for the U.S. economy,” April, 2020. 2 The Prudential Insurance Company of America has an A+ Financial Strength Ratings rating from AM Best. A+ is the second highest of the 16 ratings AM Best extends. The rating is an opinion on the insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its insurance policy and contractual obligation. Ratings are as of November 1, 2023 and are not a guarantee of future financial strength or claim paying ability. The ratings are subject to change and do not reflect any subsequent rating agency action. 

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Group Insurance coverage is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a Prudential Financial company, Newark, NJ. The Booklet-Certificate contains all details, including any policy exclusions, limitations, and restrictions, which may apply. Contract Series: 83500. CA COA #1179, NAIC #68241


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