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Risk Control Training for Premium Credit

Accountants Liability: Balancing Risk & Reward
Risk Management Training for CPAs

Program Description

“Which clients should I engage with?” “What services will I provide?” “How will I deliver those services?” Every decision a CPA makes, and every action a CPA takes, has risk implications. The benefits of each decision made must be balanced with its professional liability risk. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify and evaluate the risk implications of your decisions and learn strategies to respond based on your firm’s level of risk tolerance.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to assess the professional liability risks of new and existing clients and services in relation to the firm’s risk appetite.

  • Be aware of claim data by area of practice and understand implications for the firm

  • Assess how risk changes as a result of new information, client action (or inaction), or other events that arise during an attest, tax or consulting engagement

  • Learn strategies to respond to those changes in risk to help maintain alignment with the firm’s risk appetite​

Select a course format that best suits your schedule and personal learning preference. Regardless of the format selected, you'll learn valuable risk management strategies to implement immediately: