Taking a Safe Road Trip During COVID-19 Times

With growing numbers of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you may be wondering if taking a road trip is safe or still risky. Our best advice? Plan ahead and take special precautions to stay safe, especially if you or your loved ones are partially vaccinated or unvaccinated. Here are our 9 top tips for taking a safer road trip amid COVID-19.

  1. The CDC offers these domestic travel recommendations depending on your vaccination status.

  2. Pack a rest stop kit for each traveler. Include small bars of soap, paper towels (for drying and avoiding high-touch handles), hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. Kits will come in handy for restroom breaks, at gas stations and at takeout restaurants. You’ll also want to pack masks and disposable gloves for all travelers.
  3. Do a quick clean of your hotel room. Use antibacterial wipes to disinfect hotel room light switches, doorknobs, the TV remote, and other high-touch areas. If anyone in your group is unvaccinated, consider opening windows when you first check-in and after housecleaning visits for better ventilation.   
  4. Rent a home, apartment, condo or RV. Alternatively, you could rent a houseboat, cabin, tiny house or treehouse. You may want to visit friends or relatives you haven’t seen in a while. Wherever you go, it’s important to follow state and local rules and health protocols. 
  5. Check whether the state you’re heading to has any special requirements for out-of-state visitors. To find out, call the state health authority from a list provided by the CDC.
  6. Pack a cooler with healthy, high-protein snacks and drinks. This may help you reduce stops along the way and reduce your exposure to strangers and surfaces. 
  7. Eating in restaurants is most likely fine. If your group is vaccinated, you should feel comfortable dining maskless indoors, according to the CDC. Just be sure it’s also ok by local government and the business itself. 
  8. Thoroughly clean the inside of your car or RV before you go. While we often think about the mechanical fitness of our cars in advance of a trip, we often overlook the inside environment to ensure travelers are riding in a safe and healthy space. The steering wheel, door handles, seats, safety belts and even your key fob can be harbingers of all kinds of germs and grime. The CDC offers suggestions on how to sanitize your home, many of which are applicable to your car.
  9. Make sure you understand hotel/rental property cancellation rules. Ideally your hotel or rental offers an iron-clad refund should you need to cancel or cut your vacation short for any reason.

After the past sixteen months, most of us need a vacation more than ever. We hope your road trips offer enjoyable travels that are safe and memorable. 
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