Social Engineering: Is Your CPA Firm Protected?

Cyber criminals are keen to exploit the pandemic and remote work environment by conducting social engineering schemes to gain access to systems, information, funds or other valuable assess.  Sometimes, they randomly send pfishing emails to entice their victim to open a link or attachment that exposes the network to malicious software. Other times they’re more sophisticated - hacking into your system to monitor your emails, then impersonating you or a client to fraudulently convince an unsuspecting employee to wire transfer large sums of money to them.  As a result, social engineering claims have been increasing in both frequency and severity.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about:

  • How social engineering schemes are taking advantage of the current pandemic and work environment 
  • 5 basic risk management techniques
  • 5 technical measures you can take to protect against social engineering 
  • 5 insurance considerations to help mitigate the risk of an attack



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