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If you’re thinking about getting hitched soon, you’re probably excited, maybe a little nervous, and ready to adventure on your honeymoon and celebrate this new stage of life with your spouse or partner. There’s so much to plan for and get ready before your big day, including suit or dress fittings, securing a final headcount, making sure the DJ knows your names, and getting a block of hotel rooms for your guests, among many other things.

The last thing on your mind right now is your current insurance coverage, but it’s important to understand what is at risk as you and your partner begin the process of merging your lives together.

Things to Consider

We want you to enjoy your big day without stress. When you’re ready to sit down and think through a financial plan with your spouse or partner, we want to help make the discussion smooth and easy. Here are a few key considerations for you two to discuss:

  • Auto Insurance: Do you and your spouse both drive? If both people are bringing a car into the marriage, it can be beneficial to cover both cars under the same policy. Additional discounts may apply if both spouses have clean driving records!

  • Home Insurance: If you two are moving in together, it could be a good idea to revisit how much coverage you currently have on your home. You’ll want to make sure that the total cost of the house is insured, as well as any valuables, such as wedding dresses and rings, which may not be covered by standard homeowner’s policies. Additional discounts may apply if you bundle home and auto together.

  • Health Insurance: There are a lot of options to consider on this front. If you’re both young and healthy and have solid protection through your current employers, then there may be no reason to change anything. If one of you intends to be a stay-at-home parent or work a non-standard job, then it may be time to consider going under one plan.

  • Life Insurance: Right after your wedding day may not be the most comfortable time to talk to each other or with a trusted advisor about life insurance, but make sure that it doesn’t fall off your radar. When you’re ready, have you thought about how you might provide for each other or your future family should something unexpected happen?

Key takeaways

When love and excitement are in the air, it may be hard to think about anything else. Enjoy your day, celebrate with your family and friends, but don’t let planning for the future slip through the cracks. Married life is full of surprises, and it’s better to be proactive and plan for the surprises before they happen. Reacting to them could cause you a lot of headaches, cost a lot of money, and leave you missing out on a lot of valuable time together.

Plans that might help you

Planning for the next step

We’re excited and happy for you. We want to help you cherish this accomplishment and milestone. When you’re able to take a break from all the wedding planning and come down from the joy and happiness of your big day, we’re ready to provide you some guidance and support as you plan your future together. Take a look at some of the materials and checklists we have to stay organized and have a constructive conversation.

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