Mergers & Acquisitions

Moments That Matter

Merging with or acquiring another firm is an exciting moment of opportunity and growth. You’re joining forces with other CPAs who are as passionate and focused as you when it comes to helping people with their accounting needs. This is a time of huge growth and learning. When experts come together and share their knowledge and passion for their trade, the opportunities for growth and success can multiply.

Oftentimes, these transactions involve a lot of paperwork and hoops to jump through, but there’s no need to stress if you’re prepared.

Things to Consider

As you embrace this exciting opportunity and change, we want to make sure you’re thinking about a few key things that can help your merger and acquisition go smoothly. Have you:

  • Identified the existing insurance coverage of the firm you’re merging with or acquiring?

  • Looked to see if there are any outstanding claims made against the new addition of the firm?

  • Talked about how leadership boards will merge. How will any redundancies be handled?

  • Planned for any geographical considerations and differences in physical location?

  • Asked yourself, and your partners, how work cultures will mesh and blend together?

Download our checklist for a breakdown of recommendations, considerations, and preventive measures your firm can employ to help minimize risk exposures associated with a merger or acquisition.


Key takeaways

As your firm grows, so does your risk. Make sure that your new colleagues have the proper licensing, especially if they are out of state. Double check to make sure that their addition will not change the way any of your services are offered. It’s paramount to look at their existing coverage to make sure that it’s comprehensive enough as you look to fully manage your risk while remaining cost efficient. Ask these questions up front in order to prevent your deal from falling through.

Plans that might help you

Planning for the next step

Focus on the future, and make sure your bases are covered as your firm welcomes its new addition. We’ve provided you with some additional checklists and resources to help you get organized as you prepare for this exciting transaction.

Resources that might help you

Moments That Matter