Group Elite Life Administration Manual & Forms

This manual has been prepared to assist firm administrators in handling the details of your Group Elite Life Plan. The manual covers:   

  • Eligibility
  • Lost certificates, supplies and records
  • Procedures for enrollment
  • Adjustments in amounts of life insurance
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Death claim procedures
  • Termination of individual insurance
  • Dependent group life
  • Roster

Download the Group Elite Life Administration Manual​  for Participating Firms.


Notice of Group Life Conversion Privilege Form 
Use this form when an employee leaves the firm and wishes to convert their group life insurance benefits into an individual contract.

Change of Name/Beneficiary Form
Use this form to update your primary and contingent beneficiaries, change your name or assign ownership.

Request To Transfer Group Insurance Form 
Use this form to transfer your group life insurance through the Elite Life Plan to another company's group plan.

On Prudential's Employer Forms page you will find the following additional forms:

  • Group Life Claim Form (use the appropriate form for your state)
  • Group Life Accidental Injury Claim Form
  • Group Life Claim for Total Disability Benefits
  • Attending Physician's Statement