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CPAs are not immune to privacy data breaches

When the nightly news reports privacy data breaches at major companies, you may be tempted to think, ‘Thank goodness CPAs are not at risk.’  Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a CPA, your clients trust you with their most confidential information. Inevitably, you may become a target of cyber-criminals seeking to steal your clients’ tax returns, Social Security numbers, W-2 forms, employer ID numbers, financial statements, and banking information.

Criminal activity, including hacker infiltration and stolen electronic devices, is the most common cause of a data breach (48%). Employee negligence (27%) and system glitches (25%) comprise the remaining sources of data breach.*​​

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AICPA|Aon Professional Liability Program Professional Liability Insurance policy includes cyber

The AICPA|Aon Professional Liability Program already includes cyber liability coverage in the event of a claim as a result of theft and misuse of client confidential information or damage to client computer networks during the rendering of professional services.

What the policy does not cover are the expenses associated with a privacy data breach, such as client notification and credit monitoring. Coverage for these types of expenses may be obtained through our two optional endorsements: CPA NetProtect® and CPA NetProtect PRIME® .

CPA NetProtect
® – Now at lower rates!

When you add the CPA NetProtect® endorsement to your policy, you receive the following significant coverage extensions:

Privacy Event Expense Coverage – limit increased from $25,000 to $100,000!
This coverage helps pay for expenses associated with a data breach, including:

  • Notification costs to inform affected individuals or entities​
  • Credit monitoring  for affected clients and their employees
  • Public relations to help minimize harm to your reputation ​
  • Legal expenses to negotiate with regulators and to determine the actions necessary to comply with privacy laws
  • Forensic services to identify the cause of the breach and individuals affected
Network Damage Claim Coverage  

Coverage for claims brought by third parties, such as vendors, merchants, contractors, service providers, and others, whose computer networks and information may have been damaged by a wrongful act that resulted in a security breach of the firm’s network. Coverage is provided for wrongful acts by owners, partners and employees of the firm, as well as by ‘rogue employees.’

  • NEW!  Includes Extortion Coverage to assist with ransomware attacks.​

CPA NetProtect PRIME®

When you add the CPA NetProtect PRIME® endorsement to your policy, you receive Privacy Event Expense Coverage with limits available up to $1 million aggregate, Network Damage Claim Coverage with limits available of up to $2 million aggregate, plus these additional extensions of coverage:

Business Interruption and Extra Expenselimits available up to $500,000 aggregate

  • Business Interruption affords coverage for loss of business (net) income that would have been earned during the period of restoration resulting from an exploit causing network impairment.
  • Extra Expense affords coverage for reasonable and necessary expenditures in excess of normal operating expenses incurred during the period of restoration resulting from an exploit causing network impairment.
  • Data Restoration (Loss or damage to your network) affords coverage, after an exploit causing network impairment, to restore your network or data on the network to as close to its condition prior to the attack.

Regulatory Fines and Penalties limits available up to $500,000 aggregate
Offers a separate limit that does not erode your professional liability policy limit, for certain fees and legal expenses associated with a regulatory investigation, as well as for certain fines and penalties imposed for a violation of privacy breach notification laws. Coverage varies by state.

Extortion Coveragelimits available of up to $500,000 aggregate

Risk Control Program

In addition to these coverage enhancements, CPA NetProtect® and CPA NetProtect PRIME® offer an extensive risk control program, including the School of Risk Control Excellence, client advisories, risk control primers, a claim hotline and breach response services.

Or call 1.800.221.3023 to speak with an AICPA Risk Advisor.

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