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What if your firm has changing insurance needs? It may be that you’re looking for coverage for risks not included under the umbrella of the AICPA Member Insurance Programs. What are your options?

 The AICPA Member Insurance Programs offer distinctive value based on a practice of knowledge sharing and helping our clients improve the effectiveness of their business. As the Program administrator and the world's premier insurance brokerage, consulting services, and consumer insurance underwriting organization, we bring value to our clients by offering flexible and innovative solutions, from mitigating risk to improving human resources. With access to Aon's global network, we have the resources to create customized solutions to help meet your firm’s evolving needs—today and well into the future.


Additional coverages we can place include:

  • Personal Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Coverage
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Coverage
  • Fiduciary Bonds - Employee Dishonesty Coverage
  • Investment Advisors ERISA Bonds

  • Registered Investment Advisors Errors and Omissions Policy

  • Registered Investment Advisors Fidelity Bonds

  • State Surety Bonds

To learn more about available coverages for your firm, send an email to:, noting the specific risk you'd like to cover. A knowledgeable representative will design an insurance solution that best meets your firm's needs.