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Podcast​ Why CPAs need Identity Theft protection!​

As a CPA, you appreciate the value of your personal and financial identity. But in today’s digital world, it’s impossible to know who has those pieces of information that define who you are. Quite simply, without adequate protection, you are vulnerable. Identity theft affected 16.7 million Americans in 20172  with potentially devastating consequences: loss of savings, being charged with a crime you didn’t commit, or even being held responsible for fraudulent medical claims. 

That’s why AICPA has partnered with Identity Guard® to bring you sophisticated personal cyber-security protection making use of advanced IBM Watson®technology to continuously protect and alert you of any threats to your identity. 

You’ll be able to select from three service plans and choose individual or family protection. With Identity Guard® Premier, you’ll receive monthly credit monitoring, a full credit report annually, alerts if your identity is being used to apply for credit, dark web monitoring and alerts powerful cyber-safety tools and more. 

Identity thieves are smart and sophisticated – you deserve equally sophisticated protection to warn you of identity theft or fraud. That’s why enrolling Identity Guard is a smart decision.

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About Identity Guard® 

Identity Guard is the largest independent identity theft monitoring provider in the U.S., having served more than 47 million Americans over the past 22 years. We help consumers monitor, protect and manage their personal information and their digital selves, including credit monitoring, social media management and software tools to protect our subscribers from phishing and unsafe browsing. 

None of us can possibly protect our identities from criminals on our own. Identity thieves are smart and relentless – Identity Guard believes consumers deserve and require personal cybersecurity to help protect them from identity theft or fraud. 

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  • Maximum savings based upon Identity Guard Premier Family package. Savings range from 40 - 57%.
  • Javelin Research. 2018 Identity Fraud Report: Fraud Enters a New Era of Complexity.​