Ensuring the financial safety of your family should something happen to you can be important. CPA Life and Spouse Life Plans are endorsed by the AICPA and can help provide financial security for your spouse, children, dependent parents, and other loved ones. More than just paying immediate expenses, such as funeral costs or unpaid medical bills, these Plans can help your family with things like:

  • Paying the mortgage.
  • College tuitions
  • Childrens’ weddings
  • Retirement

The CPA Life and Spouse Life Plans are issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential) and are available to members of the AICPA, a State Society of CPAs or other qualifying organization–and their spouses. These Plans can supplement what you get through your employer (as well as the AICPA Level Premium Term coverage you may have) up to the maximum amount allowable for your age and memberships.

Highlights of the CPA Life and Spouse Life Plans:

  • Multiple coverage amounts up to $2.5 million at competitive group-negotiated rates
  • Life insurance coverage up to age 80; even if you change jobs or retire as long as you maintain your membership(s)
  • Income Tax-free benefits: Under current Federal Income Tax rules, the death benefit is generally free from income tax (IRC Section 101(a)). Benefits from many employer-provided plans are taxable, lowering your actual benefit amount
  • The ability to apply for additional coverage at any time

Our members often cite these insurance products as one of the key membership benefits of the AICPA or a State Society of CPAs. Click here to see the Options and Features of the Plan.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? 

It is easy to figure out how much life insurance you need in a few minutes with our Life Insurance Needs Calculator.



 ChartWant to see how the CPA Life Plan differs from other life insurance plans offered through the AICPA?  Take a look at our Product Comparison Chart.




 Life Insurance Rate Classes 

Click here to view our video that explains AICPA Life Plan's rate classes, how to lower your costs and more.



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