Total Disability Income Plan Total + Partial Disability Income Plan
Monthly coverage amounts up to $12,000 for AICPA members; up to $3,000 for State Society-only members x x
Choice of a 13-week or 26-week Waiting Period x x
"Your Occupation" definition of disability x x
Income Tax-free benefits* x x
Benefits up to 5 years for mental illness disabilities x x
Rehabilitation Program x x
Opportunity for Cash Refunds x x
Coverage that is yours regardless of where you work x x
Benefits if you lose 20% or more of your prior earnings due to a total or partial disability n/a x

*Under current Federal Income Tax laws, the monthly benefit is generally free from income tax (IRC Section 104) if the premiums are paid by you with after tax dollars. Income from some employer-provided plans is fully taxable.


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