With the AICPA LTD Income Plan you may get more insurance protection with fewer worries at competitive group-negotiated rates that fit your budget. The waiting period you elect, along with your age, will determine your rate: a 13-week waiting period that lets benefits begin sooner while a 26‑week period carries substantially lower rates. In either case, benefits begin when your waiting period ends.  You can request up to 65% of your monthly earnings up to $12,000/month.  View the rates for your age below.

Monthly Gross Rates

Cash Refunds can lower the cost of your insurance
The money not used for claims, expenses and other charges is distributed back to the Plan's participants as a Cash Refund. The refunds vary year to year, and while not guaranteed, participants under AICPA Insurance Trust have received Cash Refunds from the Trust for over 35 years, without fail, for each Disability Insurance Plan.   To review refunds from prior years, click here.


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