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Many seniors may not be aware that Medicare doesn’t pay all health care costs. In fact, as valuable as Medicare is, Medicare recipients could still be responsible for thousands of dollars a year in out‐of‐pocket expenses. Deductibles and coinsurance add up quickly and can even take a bite out of retirement savings. This is why having a Medicare Supplement plan may be more beneficial than ever.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?
Medicare Supplement plans are designed to help pay some of the medical expenses that Medicare does not pay. For example, you can choose a Medicare Supplement plan that helps to pay the Part A deductible.

The AICPA Member Insurance Programs offer Medicare Supplement to AICPA members and their spouses who are Medicare eligible.

What is Medicare?
Medicare is a national health insurance program that was created in 1965 to help people age 65 and over with medical expenses. It is also available to some disabled persons under the age of 65 and people with End Stage Renal Disease.

Medicare includes Hospital Insurance (referred to as Part A); Medical Insurance (referred to as Part B); and a Prescription Drug benefit option (referred to as Part D). Part A helps to pay for your in-hospital expenses, care in a skilled nursing facility, and provides limited benefits for home health care and hospice care. Part B helps to pay doctor bills, outpatient hospital care and other medical services not covered by Part A. Part D Medicare Prescription Drug plans provide insurance coverage for prescription drugs.

AICPA Medicare Supplement Plans
The program offers competitive group rates.

Program Features

  • Freedom to Choose - Select your own doctors and hospitals.
  • Efficient Claims Processing - Hassle-free claims processing within approximately 7 days.
  • 30 day right to examine the policy
  • Direct Bill, Electronic Funds Transfer and Credit Card payment - Options available for premium payments.

Plans are underwritten by: Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA; and for NY residents only Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY.​

Important Notice: A more complete description of the plan details, including benefits, rates, eligibility requirements, limitations, and exclusions are in the plan information package, sent to you at your request.

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