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What would happen to your business if you suffered an injury or illness? Would you be able to pay your employees or would you have to dip into your savings or child’s college fund to keep your business running?

If you become disabled and unable to work, Business Overhead Expense (BOE) Insurance can help:

  • Cover day-to-day fixed operating expenses.
  • Provide for your employees.
  • Help protect your personal finances.
  • Keep the business you built.

The AICPA BOE Plan is offered exclusively to AICPA members and is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential). The Plan pays benefits directly to you so you can:

  • Help pay your business expenses (such as employee salaries, rent, utilities and business insurance premiums) while you are disabled.
  • Receive benefits within 30 days after you become disabled.
  • Provide your survivors with a single lump sum equal to three times your monthly benefit amount if you die while receiving benefits.

BOE insurance helps ensure that you won’t have to deplete your personal long-term disability (LTD) benefits or savings to keep your business running.  Review how the AICPA Long Term Disability Income Plan differs from the BOE Pla​n below.

Long Term Disability Income Insurance

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

13 or 26-week waiting period 30-day waiting period
Your own mortgage or rent payments Your business rent or mortgage interest payments
Your utility payments Your business charges for electricity, telecommunications, heat, and water
Your personal loan payments, credit card payments, car payments Principal and interest payments on debt related to purchase of the firm; interest payments on office equipment loans; Business loan interest on existing loans
Education Cost of continuing professional education required to maintain a professional license
Your insurance premiums (health, auto, home, life) Business insurance premiums, to include insurance for errors & omissions liability and employee benefit plans
Home Maintenance costs Cost of maintenance and repairs of equipment, computers, hardware, and other maintenance services
Your property taxes Real estate taxes, payroll taxes
Your family's food and clothing Your employees' salaries or wages

 For additional information please reference your booklet-certificate.

At this time the BOE Insurance Plan is not available in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, New Hampshire or in certain U.S. territories.

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